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Code in Chaos

Code in Chaos

OSS by @AhmadNassri - Saving the world from bad software & buggy code, one line at a time!

JavaScript 184 56


an HTTP Request Visualizer and Constructor tool, helps developers build, debug and test RESTful APIs.

Updated April 21, 2014

Updated April 19, 2014

open source projects by @AhmadNassri

Updated April 08, 2014

JavaScript 4 0


an "XMLHttpRequest" drop-in replacement using "chrome.sockets.tcp" for Chrome Apps

Updated April 03, 2014


HTTP Request & Response Service

Updated April 02, 2014

JavaScript 5 2


JavaScript library to manipulate HTTP Archive 1.2 JSON objects.

Updated March 30, 2014

JavaScript 1 1


Yeoman generator for standard OSS project files such as,, LICENSE, EditorConfig and more!

Updated March 16, 2014


Example RESTful Application using Zend Framework 1.0

Updated March 15, 2014


RESTful services with Zend Framework 1.0

Updated March 15, 2014


A simple PHP script to produce an RSS feed from Google Plus

Updated May 29, 2013

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