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A PSR-15 middleware managing Google OAuth2 authentication using JSON web tokens
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Google OAuth 2 Middleware

GoogleOAuth2Middleware is a PSR-15 middleware written in PHP 7 intended to manage Google OAuth2 authentication using JSON web tokens or the PHP session. The interactions with Google are made using the Google API PHP client. The JSON web tokens are generated and read by the Firebase JWT implementation.

The authentication informations (AuthToken object) are stored using a storage driver class (implementing AuthTokenStorageDriverInterface) either in a JSON web token cookie using JwtStorageDriver or in the PHP session ($_SESSION array) using SessionStorageDriver.

Once the user is authenticated, either when receiving an auth code from Google or using the auth cookie, the user informations are made available in an attribute of the PSR-7 request the called auth (by default).

You can disconnect the current user by sending a PSR-7 response implementing LogoutResponseInterface.


use CodeInc\GoogleOAuth2Middleware\GoogleOAuth2Middleware;
use CodeInc\GoogleOAuth2Middleware\AuthTokenStorage\JwtStorageDriver;

$googleOAuth2Middleware = new GoogleOAuth2Middleware(
    // a fully configured Google client (the client redirect URI must be set)
    new Google_Client(), 
    // storing the auth token using a JWT cookie
    new JwtStorageDriver("a_very_secret_key"), 
    // the lifespan of the authentication (optionnal, 30 minutres by default)
    DateInterval::createFromDateString("1 hour") 

// You can (optionnally) specify a request handler which will be called for unauthenticated requests.
// If not request handler is set the middleware will generate a PSR-7 redirect response toward the
// Google Oauth 2 page
$googleOAuth2Middleware->setUnauthenticatedRequestHandler(new A_PSR7_Request_Handler());


This library is available through Packagist and can be installed using Composer:

composer require codeinc/google-oauth2-middleware


This library is published under the MIT license (see the LICENSE file).