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Code Inc. PSR7 response senders
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PSR-7 response sender

This library is a companion to the codeinc/router written in PHP 7. It provides the ResponseSender responder to stream PSR-7 responses to a web browser and the interface ResponseSenderInterface for PSR-7 reponse senders.

A response sender is capable of streaming anything implementing the PSR-7 ResponseInterface.


use CodeInc\PSR7ResponseSender\ResponseSender;
use GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Response;

// a response can be anything implementing ResponseInterface, here the Guzzle implementation
$response = new Response();

// sends the response to the web browser
$sender = new ResponseSender();

By default ResponseSender removes all PHP native HTTP headers. You can change this behavior using the boolean constructor operator or using the methods removePhpHttpHeaders() and sendPhpHttpHeaders().

A second class GzResponseSender is provived to send gzip compressed responses using ob_start() and ob_gzhandler()


This library is available through Packagist and can be installed using Composer:

composer require codeinc/psr7-response-sender


This library is published under the MIT license (see the LICENSE file).