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Lints and / or compresses the current JS and CSS file on save using Node.js
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CSS and JS Optimiser TextMate Bundle

A simple TextMate bundle based on Better JsLint in TextMate by Felix Gnass that integrates YUI Compressor and JSLint into your dev workflow.


  • On save ( ⌘S ) the current:
    • CSS file is compressed using YUI Compressor
    • JS file is validated using JSLint. If valid, the file is then run through YUI Compressor. Otherwise hyperlinked errors are reported back for fixing.
  • Can be bypassed with ( ⇧⌘S )
  • Output is only shown when errors are found
  • Window is automatically closed when it looses focus
  • Built on Node.js
  • Uses an unmodified versions of JSLint and YUI Compressor


  1. Install Node.js (if not already installed)
  2. Download the zip and add '.tmbundle' as the extension.
  3. Double-click the bundle to install.

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