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Blueprints.NET is a generic graph model [[1](, [2](, 3] interface for .NET, Silverlight and Mono. Graph libraries, Graph databases [1, 2] and frameworks that implement the Blueprints interface automatically support Blueprints-enabled applications. Likewise, Blueprints-enabled applications can plug-and-play different Blueprints-enabled graph backends.

Blueprints does not define an interface for remote network access. For a HTTP/REST interface please take a look at Gera.


  • In-Memory Generic Graphs
  • In-Memory Generic Property Graphs
  • In-Memory Simplified Property Graphs

An usage example for property graphs

var _TinkerGraph = new PropertyGraph();

_TinkerGraph.OnVertexAdding += (graph, vertex, vote) => {
    Console.WriteLine("I like all vertices!");

_TinkerGraph.OnVertexAdding += (graph, vertex, vote) =>
    if (vertex.Id == 5) {
        Console.WriteLine("I'm a Jedi!");

var marko  = _TinkerGraph.AddVertex(1, v => v.SetProperty("name", "marko"). SetProperty("age",   29));
var vadas  = _TinkerGraph.AddVertex(2, v => v.SetProperty("name", "vadas"). SetProperty("age",   27));
var lop    = _TinkerGraph.AddVertex(3, v => v.SetProperty("name", "lop").   SetProperty("lang", "java"));
var josh   = _TinkerGraph.AddVertex(4, v => v.SetProperty("name", "josh").  SetProperty("age",   32));
var vader  = _TinkerGraph.AddVertex(5, v => v.SetProperty("name", "darth vader"));
var ripple = _TinkerGraph.AddVertex(6, v => v.SetProperty("name", "ripple").SetProperty("lang", "java"));
var peter  = _TinkerGraph.AddVertex(7, v => v.SetProperty("name", "peter"). SetProperty("age",   35));

Console.WriteLine("Number of vertices added: " + _TinkerGraph.Vertices().Count());

marko.OnPropertyChanging += (sender, Key, oldValue, newValue, vote) =>
    Console.WriteLine("'" + Key + "' property changing: '" + oldValue + "' -> '" + newValue + "'");

marko.OnPropertyChanged  += (sender, Key, oldValue, newValue)       =>
    Console.WriteLine("'" + Key + "' property changed: '"  + oldValue + "' -> '" + newValue + "'");

var _DynamicMarko = marko.AsDynamic();
_DynamicMarko.age  += 100;
_DynamicMarko.doIt  = (Action<String>) ((text) => Console.WriteLine("Some infos: " + text + "!"));
_DynamicMarko.doIt( + "/" + marko.GetProperty("age") + "/");

var e7  = _TinkerGraph.AddEdge(marko, vadas,  7,  "knows",   e => e.SetProperty("weight", 0.5));
var e8  = _TinkerGraph.AddEdge(marko, josh,   8,  "knows",   e => e.SetProperty("weight", 1.0));
var e9  = _TinkerGraph.AddEdge(marko, lop,    9,  "created", e => e.SetProperty("weight", 0.4));

var e10 = _TinkerGraph.AddEdge(josh,  ripple, 10, "created", e => e.SetProperty("weight", 1.0));
var e11 = _TinkerGraph.AddEdge(josh,  lop,    11, "created", e => e.SetProperty("weight", 0.4));

var e12 = _TinkerGraph.AddEdge(peter, lop,    12, "created", e => e.SetProperty("weight", 0.2));

return _TinkerGraph;

Help and Documentation

Additional help and background information can be found in the Wiki. For more examples and tutorials please look at the Thor project if you are interessted in simple but interactive graph visualizations consult the Loki project.
News and updates can also be found on twitter by following: @ahzf or @graphdbs.


The installation of Blueprints.NET is very straightforward.
Just check out or download its sources and all its dependencies:

License and your contribution

Blueprints.NET is released under the Apache License 2.0. For details see the LICENSE file.
To suggest a feature, report a bug or general discussion:
If you want to help or contribute source code to this project, please use the same license.
The coding standards can be found by reading the code ;)


Blueprints.NET is a reimplementation of the blueprints library for Java provided by Tinkerpop. Additional ideas are based on the Boost Graph Library.
Please read the NOTICE file for further credits.