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Code Samples to access the Code Inspector API
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Code Inspector API Access Examples

Code Samples to access the Code Inspector API.


There are two files that demonstrate how to authenticate against the GraphQL API using Python:

  • authentication using the access and secret keys
  • authentication using username and password to get a JWT

These examples use sgqlc to query the GraphQL API.

Below if the sequence of shell commands to run to create a virtual environment, install the dependencies and run them. Keep in mind that you need to edit the files with your credentials in order for the examples to work.

# cd python
# python3 -m venv venv
# source venv/bin/activate
# pip install -r requirements.txt

< edit file with your credentials >

# python

< edit file with your credentials >

# python


Found a bug or want to suggest improvements? Feel free to open an issue. Have more examples you want to add? Send us a pull requuest!


Have suggestion or questions? Contact us.

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