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JoelBesada Add player name badge and built in result viewer (#13)
* Update sass loader

* Show player name in corner

* Focus editor after closing reference image

* Size adjustments

* Add button to show results inside the editor

* Build dist

* Update the instructions and add an example asset

* Update asset instructions

* Tweak button positions

* Focus editor after closing instructions

* Place reference screenshot over name tag

* Rename built editor file
Latest commit 04bf2d7 Sep 16, 2016

The official editor for Code in the Dark

Read more about the Code in the Dark competition here


Try the editor online:

How to Use

  • Grab the contents of the dist/ folder, or download this zip. All contestants should be given a copy of the editor.
  • Replace assets/page.png in the editor files with a screenshot of the page that is to be built in the competition.
  • Add any extra assets (e.g. images) that are required to build the page in the assets/ folder.
  • Edit the assets/instructions.html file with information about the extra assets and their dimensions.


Here's how to install the dependencies and run the editor locally:

$ npm install
$ ./node_modules/.bin/gulp serve

To build the editor, run:

$ gulp dist

This will compile all scripts and styles and inline them into a single html file in the dist/ folder. It will also create a dist/assets/ folder, which separately contains the instructions and page screenshot so that they can easily be changed between different rounds of the competition.


Contributions to the editor welcome. If you've fixed a bug or implemented a cool new feature that you would like to share, please feel free to open a pull request here.