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Preview - a Django project for previewing designs


You will need the following installed:

  • pip
  • virtualenv


Set up a folder and virtual env: cd /path/to/your/workspace mkdir preview cd preview mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages preview

Install all dependencies pip install -r requirements.txt Note that the MySQL-python package has a dependency on libmysqlclient-dev which needs to be installed using apt-get. You can view the installed packages in your virtual env using yolk -l

Create a file which contains your database credentials. This file is on the .gitignore list and so needs creating manually

Load the test data using: ./ loaddata main/fixtures/test_data.json Note that there is a set of fixture images in assets/design-fixtures/ that go with the fixture data.

There is a single user with username "admin" and password "testing" in the fixture data.


Run the tests with: ./ test main If you need to alter the test fixture data, then get your local db in the state you want and run ./ dumpdata -e south > main/fixtures/test_data.json You don't want the south data in the fixture as that will prevent other users from applying the migrations when they set up their db.