Personal site - a simple RST blog using Fabric for deployment.
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Nothing special here - I just wanted to write my own blog so I could optimise it for my own needs. The aim was to write articles in RST using vim, then have a simple preview and publish mechanism.

The blog is a simple Django project which uses RST files as a source for creating a simple Article model. Fabric is used to publish articles to the production site.

See Rewriting for more details.

It's on my to-do list to package this up (name ReStructured Blog) and put it on PyPI.


How to publish an article

Create an RST article file within the posts folder:

vim posts/my-new-article.rst

Preview locally using:

./ rsb_article posts/my-new-article.rst
./ runserver

Note this renames the file to include the PK, which is helpful when article files are renamed, but annoying if you still have it open in vim. You have been warned.

Repeat the above steps until you are ready to publish, then run:

fab prod publish:posts/0034-my-new-article.rst

Push it to Github so you've got a backup.

How to update the site

If you have changes to the django project or the static assets, you'll need to run:

fab prod deploy