xwc-symfony is an attempt to create a modular CMS running on symfony2, allowing to easily create sites from ready made components (bundles)
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XWC Symfony Sandbox

What is XWC Symfony?

It is an open source CMS built on Symfony2 framework with use of the Twig templating engine as well as the Doctrine ORM. The project is an initiative of Tangent Labs Ltd.


Symfony is only supported on PHP 5.3.2 and up. To check the compatibility of your environment with Symfony, you can run the web/check.php script, bundled with this sandbox.

Installation instructions

  1. Fork the project on github

  2. Set permissions

     chmod 777 app/cache -R
     chmod 777 app/logs -R 

Recommendation on YML / PHP / XML configuration

  • We use YML for configuration
  • We use twig for templating