A collection of useful value objects implemented in PHP
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PHPVAL - Value objects for PHP applications

This is a simple collection of Value Objects for use within PHP applications. Statics have been avoided throughout the collection, making it easy to create subclasses that hold specific behaviour within your applications.

Some of the objects within the collection are not strictly value objects as they have setter methods. This is a design decision to prevent to keep the API cleaner, give the lack of method overloading in PHP and the desire to avoid static factory methods. For all intents and purposes, the objects behave as value objects in the traditional sense.

For more information on value objects, see http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?ValueObject


No PEAR installer just yet, simply copy the contents of the PHPVAL/ folder to somewhere on your PHP path. For example: cd ~/workspace git clone git://github.com/codeinthehole/phpval.git cp -r phpval/PHPVAL/* /usr/share/php

All feedback welcome.