Puppet module for setting up Celery
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Puppet module for Celeryd

Simple puppet module for Celery.

This module will:

  • Create folders for PID files and logs
  • Create a celery user
  • Create an init script in /etc/init.d
  • Ensure the Celery daemon is running

It's pretty basic at the moment.


You need to pass the path to your Celery config file:

include celeryd
celeryd::service { "celeryd":
    conf_path => "/path/to/conf/file",

You can also pass an environment variable which is used to name the init script in /etc/init.d. This allows multiple Celery daemons to be run on the same server (useful for small projects where a test and stage build may sit on the same machine). Usage:

include celeryd
celeryd::service { "celeryd-test":
    conf_path => "/var/www/project/config/celeryd/stage"
    environment => "test"
celeryd::service { "celeryd-stage":
    conf_path => "/var/www/project/config/celeryd/test"
    environment => "stage"