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Note that PyVideo now hosts video files on S3 and so this script isn't necessary to download the talks.

What does this do?

It provides a few simple commands for downloading videos from the excellent site, and converting them to QuickTime format so they can be imported into iTunes and synced to an Apple device.

Eg, you can can run:


and the 'Introduction to Django' talk from PyCon 2012 will be downloaded and converted to .m4v format so it can be imported into iTunes.

What's the point?

It just lets you watch interesting videos when you're offline and can't watch them directly through YouTube.

For instance, my daily commute involves around 2 hours on London's underground, sans internet. This is the perfect time for watching Python videos, hence why I scratched this itch.

How do I install it?

After cloning the repo, do the following:

pip install requests BeautifulSoup mock

Next download youtube-dl from and add this to the directory, ensuring its execute bit is set.

Ensure you have ffmpeg installed - this is used to convert from .flv to .m4v. You can install with:

brew install --use-gcc ffmpeg

Then you're ready to go.

How do I use it?

Fetch a single video:

python some-filename

Browse all videos from a category page choose which to download:


Do the videos take a long time to download and convert?


Is the code high quality and well tested?

No. It's a quick and dirty bit of plumbing. It's also quite brittle as it uses screen-scraping to fetch the YouTube URLs.


For downloading and converting videos from, and converting them to QuickTime format so they can be played on an Apple device



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