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XWC Sandbox

What is XWC Sandbox?

It is a version of the Symfony2 Sandbox that contains the XwcCoreBundle enabled by default and pre-configured to work out-of-the-box. XWC is a content management system based on Symfony2.


Symfony is only supported on PHP 5.3.2 and up. To check the compatibility of your environment with Symfony2, you can run the web/check.php script, bundled with this sandbox.

Installation for Users

Coming soon...

Installation for Developers

  1. Fork the project on github
  2. Clone your fork to a folder on your local machine:

    cd /path/to/workspace
    git clone --recursive git://

    Note that the --recursive option will initialise any submodules

  3. Change ownership of cache and log folders so Apache can write:

    sudo chown -R www-data:www-data app/cache app/logs
  4. Point your apache to the sandbox folder. You may simply symlink it in /var/www/ folder.

    sudo ln -s /path/to/xwc-sandbox /var/www/xwc-sandbox
  5. Open in browser

    x-www-browser http://localhost/xwc-sandbox/web/app_dev.php/

    You should see a success screen


  • Note that you need to install the php-sqlite3 package:

    sudo apt-get install php5-sqlite
    sudo apache2ctl restart
  • You may need to run a git pull within the submodule to grab the latest version:

    cd src/Tangent/XwcBundle/
    git pull origin master

Updating your fork with latest changes in xwc-sandbox

  1. In project folder run: git pull origin master

Updating /XwcCoreBundle submodule

    git submodule update

Pushing your changes to the xwc-sandbox or XwcCoreBundle

For /xwc-sandbox commits in the root of the project folder run: git push origin master To push commits in /XwcCoreBundle submodule: cd /path/to/xwc-sandbox/src/Tangent/XwcCoreBundle git push origin master

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