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The Standard Code Team Handbook. Who we are, what we do, what makes us tick, and our love for ping pong
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Welcome to the Standard Code Team Handbook

Standard Code Logo

This is the Standard Code team handbook. This is our 4th iteration of the handbook and for a small, startup type company, we're sort of unique because we've always believed in codifying who we are, what we believe in, and sharing those principles with the team. By writing things down from the very beginning, we have the rare good fortune to see how we've evolved from a dev shop supporting a B2C product for the hospitality industry all the way to a product company focused largely on building a data product for the very, very, very different world of healthcare.

Below are two core sections. The first is a list of our past handbooks. We definitely encourage new stage startup companies to look them over to see how capturing our core values has evolved.

The second section is a list of...sections. A section about sections!

Update 12/22/2017: Updates include the addition of our 2017 year end presentation. We're also updating the handbook to include a critical new component to our workplace culture: remote work.

Note: we'd be lying if we said this idea of open sourcing our handbook was a wholly original idea that we cooked up ourselves. No, not quite. While we've been planning to share our past handbooks with anyone who might be interested, the idea of doing it in markdown as a github repo is something we stole from Basecamp and the 37 Signals team. Basically much of what we do at Standard Code is modeled after this team. We thank them for the idea!

Past Versions of our handbook

  • v1.0 -- beginning of 2014

    This was mostly a "who are we document" since it was just the partners at the time -- and a fourth person we were trying to recruit who ended up going to work for another lame company named Apple

  • v2.0 -- end of 2014 / beginning of 2015

    Written at the end of 2014 as we headed into 2015, this was the first document that started to really spell out who we were, that we were a product company, and what our benefits were

  • v3.0 -- end of 2014 / beginning of 2015

    Focused more on product and specific areas of interest. We also said you can basically wear whatever you want to work

  • v3.1 -- September 2015

    Ok at this point all we were really doing was changing the font

  • December 2017

    This marks a departure from our usual updates to the handbook. Now that we maintain the handbook here on Github, this is more of a year in review. Still worth checking out!


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