A PHP Contact form for people who need an email contactform as a quick dropin form.
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A Drop-In PHP Contact form solution.

Object Oriented, allows for validation, and many other things.
All the files for the form are actually in the cjcf folder, and all the 
settings needed for the form are in form.inc.php (inside cjcf folder).

To view submissions on your site, just change the pasword in the 
ViewSubmissions.php file.

For help, email me at http://codejoust.com/contact


 Open the form.inc.php file, and follow the instructions, for an example 
of the final page, look at the contactMe.php file.

 To add the form(s) to any page,
 just put a <?php include_once('cjcf/form.inc.php'); ?>, at the very 
beginning of your .php contact page (important! no whitespace, breaks, 
or anything before it. (Replacing the path with the path to this file) 
rename and copy this form file for a different page.
 To echo out the form,
 just put <?php $form->display(); ?>

Hope you enjoy it!