Simple browser-based admin for redis
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Redis Viewer

Simple browser-based admin for redis


Since this is intended to be a development tool there are a few caveats:

  • the default command is KEYS * which could cause performance issues if you have a lot of keys (I'm working on an alternative)


  • express
  • underscore
  • node_redis + hiredis (required?)
  • connect-redis
  • coffee-script
  • optimist
  • less

npm install underscore express redis hiredis connect-redis less coffee-script optimist


  1. git clone git://
  2. cd redis-viewer/
  3. node server.js


  • view redis store keys and values - string, key, list, set, zset and hash currently supported
  • delete individual keys and values on all data structures
  • execute arbitrary commands
  • formats JSON values in keys
  • command line options for ip, port and password (optional; for AUTH)
  • full keyboard arrow navigation and 'x' to delete, enter to expand


  • add second MONITOR client and push changes to the clients current data view using websockets
  • hierarchical key organization for better performance with many keys
  • status responses should slide down
  • confirmation messages should slide down with enter/esc keyboard shortcuts
  • npm package to make installation/maintenance easier
  • editing keys/values