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Welcome to the Visual-Studio-gtkmm wiki!

These wiki pages are here to help you get started building GTKMM, GTK+, Boost, Crypto++, ICU and all it's dependencies with Visual Studio

You don't have to follow this wiki if you feel comfortable enough to figure out things on your own.

Please note that this wiki might not be 100% accurate because there might be repository updates without updating the wiki.

Also note that project configurations and latest testings has been performed on Windows 10 Enterprise with Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise, however older version/edition of Windows should not be a problem.

I will give my best to explain the basics as much as possible.

The wiki is split into several pages, you can switch between them by using the links here on the right under "Pages"

For the sake of easier understanding we'll call them steps that needs to be done.

Steps should be taken in some order so here they are:

Step 1

The very first step is to start by reading Preparation wiki page first. that page will help you to set up your development environment

Without proper development environment setup we might not come to far.

Step 2

Now that you have tools in place, it's time to obtains sources. Visit Packages wiki page

That page will help you to download correct sources and also explain how to merge them into Visual-Studio-gtkmm.

Step 3

Afterwards you should read the Properties wiki page, that page will explain you what Visual Studio properties are and why we use them so much in Visual-Studio-gtkmm

Step 4

Once you have development environment set up and you understand how stuff works you're ready to start building dependencies one by one until you finish at building GTKMM. Go on and read Building wiki page!

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