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WordCamp Bristol 2017 talk project files

Get Twig. Use Twig. Smile.

Talk slides

Three example themes for you to play with:-

  • Twig - Uses Twig via the Timber plugin. Includes an integrated styleguide via Spress.
  • Child - Child of Twig theme, demonstrates how you can override twig templates in child themes.
  • Normal - Same design as the Twig theme but no Twig.

Getting up and running


The styleguide is integrated into the twig-theme. It is a static site generated by Spress.

You can view the styleguide in two ways:-

  1. Setup a dev domain to point at the /twig-theme/styleguide/build folder

  2. Install Spress and run Spress local server

    • Follow the getting started page on the Spress.
    • Using the command line cd into that directory and run ./, this will start Spress's built in server and serve the site from http://localhost:4000

Notes on symlinks

The partials directory in twig-theme/styleguide/src/includes contains all the twig templates shared by twig-theme and the styleguide. Unfortunately I could not get symlinked folders to work inside the styleguide so I've had to place the files within the styleguide and symlink them out to the main folder of twig-them.

It would be better if there was a way in Spress to specify other directories outside of the Spress folder to look in when generating the static site.

I think this might not be too hard to do so I plan on giving it a go an submitting it patch to Spress if I manage it.

Twig cartoon character wearing a cape


Example WordPress theme using twig for theme and styleguide






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