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converts wp-e-commerce based shops to be compatible with woocommerce
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Wp-e-commerce to woocommerce converter

Use at your own risk!, still working on it, only use it on a test version of your site.

The idea is you run this on a wordpress shop already setup with wp-e-commerce. Then this code will convert as much as it can into a woocommerce a shop. Make sure you have the Woocommerce plugin activated.

Currently only converting products and categories, plan to try and convert the orders too. Because the sites i'm writing this for don't have any variations on products i have not taken the time to work out a system for them. It also sets all products tax status to 'taxable' and the tax class to 'standard' regardless.
One last caveat: i'm working with version:3.8.6 of wp-e-commerce, things may well have changed with the lastest version but the shops i need to convert are on this version and i'm not interested in trying to upgrade them because of the many problems i have been having each time i upgrade the wp-e-commerce plugin. I'll test the plugin with the latest verion at a later date.
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