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the `pipeline` shell command
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When stdout is empty we were trying to move UP -1 lines, which
happens to work in some terminal emulators
but it turns out not in others, and is a silly thing to do anyway.
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The pipeline shell command

A utility to make building up a pipeline of shell commands easier, especially when doing data exploration.

If you've ever found yourself writing shell code, in an endless loop of piping output to less, scanning it over and making changes, then pipeline can make your life just a little bit more beautiful.

This is just a thin wrapper around your shell, not some totally new data mining tool. Launch pipeline, and start typing shell commands as usual. Every time you hit enter you'll see a one-screen preview of your output, similar to piping output to less, but your cursor will stay right where it was for further editing.

Ctrl-C when you're done.


Pipeline depends only on ncurses and readline (or libedit), both of which ship with MacOS and most common Linux distros.


Install with Homebrew.

brew tap codekitchen/pipeline
brew install pipeline

From Source

autoreconf -fi    # only if building from git, skip this for release tarballs

After make finishes, you'll be able to use ./pipeline. You can also install it using:

sudo make install


It might work under MinGW/GitBash? Please let me know.

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