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Provides a proxy for django file storage, that allows you to upload files locally and eventually serve them remotely
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This is a storage backend that allows you specify a local and a remote storage backend. 
It will upload locally and then queue up the transfer to your remote backend. If any 
request for the file occur before the file gets to the remote backend your local backend
will be used. Once the file has been successfully transferred to the remote backend all
request for the file will use the remote backend.

This backend requires celery, which is used for the queuing.


1. Make sure celery is installed and running

2. Make sure you have a cache backend set up.

4. Add the backend to the storage argument to a FileField
		image = ImageField(storage=QueuedRemoteStorage(local='',
		                   remote='backends.s3boto.S3BotoStorage'), upload_to='uploads')

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