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A simple, not elegant demo on how to run TensorFlow as a service, to initialize the model once, and warm-up the model several times before serving any actual client request, which will significantly reduce the consuming time of one prediction. Please refer to this article for details.


Follow these steps to run the test:


(1) start the TensorFlow service / 启动TensorFlow服务


And then wait the successfully initialization of the service.


(2) run the client to send request to TensorFlow service / 运行客户端,向TensorFlow服务发送请求

./ /root/raspberry-pi/ai/tensorflow-related/resource/test-images/mobike.jpg

On the client side, the console output looks like:


mountain bike, all-terrain bike, off-roader (score = 0.56671)
tricycle, trike, velocipede (score = 0.12035)
bicycle-built-for-two, tandem bicycle, tandem (score = 0.08768)
lawn mower, mower (score = 0.00651)
alp (score = 0.00387)
Prediction used time:4.171393394470215 Seconds