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Elasticsearch Solr API


This plugin allows you to use elasticsearch with Solr interfaces. The original project is mocksolrplugin, this project forked from it and was renamed in order to avoid confusion about each projects.

Supported Solr features

  • Update handlers
  • XML Update Handler (ie. /update)
  • JavaBin Update Handler (ie. /update/javabin)
  • Search handler (ie. /select)
  • Basic lucene queries using the q paramter
  • start, rows, and fl parameters
  • sorting
  • filter queries (fq parameters)
  • hit highlighting (hl, hl.fl, hl.snippets, hl.fragsize, hl.simple.pre,
  • faceting (facet, facet.field, facet.query, facet.sort, facet.limit)
  • XML and JavaBin request and response formats

Install Solr API plugin

Type the following command:

$ ./bin/plugin --install org.codelibs/elasticsearch-solr-api/1.7.0


Solr API elasticsearch Lucene/Solr
master 1.6.x 4.10.4
1.7.0 1.5.2 4.10.4
1.6.0 1.4.0.Beta1 4.10.1
1.5.2 1.3.4 4.9.1
1.4.0 1.2.0 4.8.1
1.3.0 1.0.0 4.6.1
1.2.2 0.90.5 4.4.0


Please file an issue. (Japanese forum is here.)

How to use this plugin.

Just point your Solr client/tool to your elasticsearch instance and appending /_solr to the url.

  • [index] - the elasticsearch index you want to index/search against. Default "solr".
  • [type] - the elasticsearch type you want to index/search against. Default "docs".