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Development Information


This page describes development steps for |Fess|.


|Fess| runs on Java 8 or more. To develop |Fess|, The following knowledge is required:

How To Develop |Fess|

  1. Install Java 8, IDE(ex. eclipse), and Maven 3.x

  2. Clone the source code of |Fess| from github:

    $ git clone
  1. Download elasticsearch plugins

    $ mvn antrun:run
  1. If using eclipse, Import it as Maven project into the eclipse

  2. Build |Fess|

    $ mvn package
  3. Launch org.codelibs.fess.FessBoot as Debug mode and then access to http://localhost:8080/

Create |Fess| Package

Run package goal to create a release file, You need to execute antrun:run goal before package goal.

$ mvn antrun:run
$ mvn package