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Quick Startup


This document describes a minimum step to install and use |Fess| .


Download the latest |Fess| release from


Unzip to a directory you want to install.

$ unzip
$ cd fess-x.y

Start |Fess| Server

Run fess script file to start |Fess| server.

$ ./bin/fess      # for Unix

> .\bin\fess.bat  # for Windows

Access to Administrative GUI

Access to http://localhost:8080/admin/. The username/password for an administrator is admin/admin.

Click Crawler > Web menu at the left menu pane after logging in as admin user. Create a web crawling configuration (Name, URL, Max access count,..) to crawl a web site.

Click System > Scheduler link at the menu pane. Click "Default Crawler" for Crawler job and then click "Start" to start Crawler.

If you want to change Crawler schedule and start crawling at 10:35am, type "35 10 * * ?" into Schedule field. The format is "Min Hour Day Month Day Year", which is like a cron format. Click "Update" button to save parameters. If you set a crawling time as 10:35am, |Fess| start to crawl at 10:35am automatically.

System Info > Crawling Info show you the crawling information. If the crawl is finished, the number of crawled documents is set to WebIndexSize at Crawling Info page.


Finished a crawling, access to http://localhost:8080/. You can search indexed documents and see the result.