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How to install

|Fess| can run on any operating system with Java runtime environment. The requirement is as follows.

  • Operating system: Windows, Unix, etc
  • Java: Java SE 8 or later

For more details, see Installation Guide.

Install Java

See JDK 8 Installation.

Install |Fess|

Go to download page of |Fess|

Download latest |Fess| package from releases page.


Unzip downloaded zip file. In case of Windows environment, we recommend using 7-zip. In case of Unix, we recommend using unzip command.

$ unzip
$ cd fess-x.y

Run |Fess| Server

For Windows environment, double-click the fess.bat file in the bin folder to start |Fess|.

For Unix environments, run fess to start |Fess|.

$ ./bin/fess

Open |Fess| Pages

Go to http://localhost:8080/ to check whether |Fess| started normally.

|Fess|'s administrative UI is located at http://localhost:8080/admin. Default Administrator account's username/password is admin/admin.

Change Administrator Password

After logging in as admin, you can change the password on User page.