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1.4.1 (2017-02-01)
- JED checker error fixes
1.4.0 (2017-02-01)
- Blocking via .htaccess
- New method for determining client IP to support load balancers/proxies
- IPv6 fixes (IPv6 subnet masks not yet supported)
- mysql compatibility
- php 7 compatibility
1.3.0 (2014-03-23)
- Inclusion guard fixes
1.3.0beta1 (2014-03-15)
- Allow showing IP address in blocked message
- Show hint to use reset password functionality
- Prevent unrelated entries from showing up in logfile
1.2.0 (2014-01-07)
- fix language problems
- only do pruning once a day (if enabled)
1.2.0beta1 (2013-12-31)
- IP subnet range support for whitelisting&blocking
- Multiple notification recipients (no more awkward choice between which input to consider for email addresses - all inputs where something is specified are taken into consideration; multiple email addresses can be specified separated by a semicolon; and a user group can be chosen to be notified)
- Several fixes (language, whitelist/ block list editing)
1.1.1 (2013-12-05)
- Fix installation SQL error
- Correctly update package instead of component and plugin separately
1.1.0 (2013-12-04)
- Adds it-IT translations - thanks to Stefano Buscaglia!
- Updated translations (ca-ES, nl-NL, fr-FR) - thanks to maintainers!
- whitelist (manageable via backend)
- adaptive delay
- option for automatic pruning of old failed log entries
- link to whois information for failed&blocked IP addresses in backend
- use more reliable method to determine clients' IP address
- some other small fixes
1.0.0 (2013-08-18)
- fix error when php compiled without openssl, using mcrypt or mt_rand instead
- only create unblock token if mail really sent out
- Updated translations (ca-ES, es-ES, nl-NL, fr-FR)
- Adds ru-RU translations (thanks to Raven)
1.0.0beta1 (2013-08-05)
- Possibility to send HTTP status code 403 instead of 200 in case of block
- fix Joomla 3.1.4 compatibility
- fix php 5.2 compatibility issue introduced with 0.9.11
- fix issue with display of permanent blocks
0.9.11 (2013-06-23)
- Improves blocked list status output
- Common log setting with configurable log levels
- Adds ca-ES translations (thanks to nouespai)
- Adds fr-FR translations (thanks to Flying_Lolo)
- Adds nl-NL translations (thanks to Agrusoft)
- Adds es-ES translations (thanks to Aimagen)
- Optionally enable plugin only for backend or frontend
- After a configurable number of blocks the block duration can be set to permanent on the next block
- Update via automatic Joomla! update mechanism
- Warning if there is a user with username 'admin'
- View failed login attempts in backend
- Allow viewing and editing block duration for each IP banned IP address
- Ability to test the notification
- improves Joomla! 3.x table layout (2013-05-28)
- fix for issue #12 "bfstop doesn't block", where a block duration of
unlimited would always lead to no IP being blocked (2013-05-17)
- fix unblock by token link for administration login
- fix Joomla! 3 compatibility
- fix DB query problem introduced with refactoring
0.9.10 (2013-05-13)
- adds pt-PT and pt-BR translations (thanks to solrac!)
- fixes a problem that no IP addresses were blocked when the MySQL timezone
and the PHP timezone were not the same
- adds a table to display and allow unblocking of the currently blocked IP
addresses to the backend
- adds the possibility to send an email to a user, in case login was tried
for an existing user, to allow him to unblock his IP.
- a successful login now resets the failed login count
- disables "remaining attempts" hint when blocking is disabled
- adapts default block interval to 1 day
0.9.9 (2013-04-05)
- adds a configurable "automatic unblock time", i.e. a time after which an IP
address will be automatically allowed to do further login attempts.
this replaces the previous "block interval"
Note (added 2013-04-20): The default value for the block duration was set
to 30 minutes with the introduction of this version; meaning that the
default behavior of the plugin changed from blocking an IP address forever
to blocking it only 30 minutes, and also to considering only the failed
login attempts from those last 30 minutes; meaning the number of attempts
allowed for attackers was drastically increased. The default values will
be adjusted with the next version to allow less attempts.
- implements optional notification about the number of remaining login
attempts before the IP address will be blocked
0.9.8 (2013-01-23)
- corrects small problems with logging which prevented previous versions
to be installable on Joomla! 3.0. This should now be possible. In case you
look at the log and wonder about some deprecation warnings - it seems that
some functions were deprecated without providing replacement yet...
0.9.7 (2013-01-15)
- corrects the plugin name (meaning you have to uninstall previous versions
manually! if this is the first version you installed - which is very likely,
since no version before has been published to JED - there's nothing
special to do)
- corrects problems with not loaded language files during install,
causing a text like PLG_BFSTOP_DESC instead of a meaningful description
- adds an option to en- or disable logging (some internal messages about what
the plugin is doing, written to a file), disables it by default
0.9.6 (2013-01-06)
- removes password from failed login entries in the database to prevent
information disclosure
0.9.5 (2012-12-06)
- Version initially released to the public
- fixes uninstall script previusly causing an error