A python autocompletion library. Easycomplete has a simple API and utilizes google's autocomplete results & the english dictionary for now.
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Want to add a dynamic & responsive autocomplete bar to your webapp? Easycomplete is here! This is a python module which generates generic autocomplete results set by utilizing google's autocomplete along with the english dictionary. Oh, and everything is in unicode!

The goal is to create a general autocompletion system which a broad scope of webapps can use.

This is the first release so the API isn't super user friendly but it works. You can tailor your settings with a few params. Below are examples.


git clone https://github.com/codelucas/easycomplete

cd easycomplete

sudo python setup.py install

Example usage

>>> from easycomplete import easycomplete

# quite a bit of memory, on my webapps I call this once
# and push all the results into static json urls to save RAM.
# automated functionality for this can be added later

# following line will take 5-15 seconds, but it's a one time thing.
>>> map = easycomplete.get_mapper()

>>> print map['adam']
[u'adam levine', u'adam sandler', u'adam carolla', u'adam lambert' ... ] # limited to 10 results

# Demo of the firstperson settings
>>> map1 = easycomplete.get_mapper(firstperson=False)
>>> print map1['how']

>>> map2 = easycomplete.get_mapper()
>>> print map2['how']
[u'how i met your mother', u'how to tie a tie', u'how to take a screenshot on a mac', ...]

# We also have a few more setting options. Check the internal get_mapper()'s params!


Q: My google autocomplete results are out of date!

A: There is a python file called retriever.py which automatically updates your google autocomplete. But you will need to do some dirtywork yourself for now as the API is still rough for users. Read the comments in that file for more directions, I intend on making this process much more user friendly once I have time!


  • Add a fontend wrapper so users can easy sync this python module to twitter's typeahead module with ease!
  • Fix up the retriever.py API so users can update their google autocomplete results with ease
  • Clean this entire repo up
  • Add more settings functionality to the mapper params

More to come soon! Happy coding!

http://codelucas.com - Blog

http://wintria.com - Startup