Python video summarization. Visit the public API at -- (EDIT: The domain expired and youtube blocked it ..)
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supervisor.conf - Video summarization

Official source code for, the youtube video summarizer, built with python, flask, ffmpeg, moviepy, and the google sdk.

The official video summarization dev-library will be open sourced soon at this location.


We try to keep everything as static as possible to minimize the server load. The static directory is served via nginx (default). The static dir also contains the main site which users will interact with.

We will handle video summarization RPC calls with a flask application running on gunicorn in the background. Because of the intensity of our python background jobs (querying data from youtube), we will cache as much data as possible on redis.

We have a supervisor instance watching over our flask & gunicorn instance to make sure it gets restarted incase it dies. Lastly, nginx is serving our static files.

The backend flask code handling video summarization will be in the backend directory.

nginx will be routing everything besides RPC calls into our static application.

The setup:

  • Set up and install redis-server

sudo apt-get install redis-server

  • Set up and install nginx

sudo apt-get install nginx

  • Set up and install supervisor

sudo apt-get install supervisor

  • Set up and install all of our python dependencies (flask, gunicorn, gdata, requests, etc)
cd /path/to/project/root
pip install -r requirements.txt

Modify the contents of server/* and configure the main nginx and supervisor instances to serve up our application. (More descriptive details to come soon)!

Written by Lucas Ou --

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.