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A set of fields, including editable userform fields to perform domain validation via DNS over HTTPS
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Domain Validation module for Silverstripe

This module provides a set of fields to allow domain lookup via DNS over HTTPS services.

  • Validated Email Field - validates the domain part of a provided email address via MX lookup
  • Validated Domain Field - validates any domain via the configured record type (default: A)
  • Selectable Lookup Field - validates any domain via multiple, selectable record types

Some APIs reject requests if a domain or domain part is invalid e.g user@examplecom or user@hotmailcom With this module you can check values using DoH prior to submitting or saving them.


Silverstripe 4 / see composer.json


  • Plugs into Cloudflare DNS over HTTPS
  • Plugs into Google Public DNS over HTTPS
  • Does Caching based on TTL (Flysystem middleware)
  • Provides a Validatable Email Form Field (MX record check on domain part) for use in forms
  • Provides a Validatable Domain Form Field (A record check on domain)
  • Provides a Form Field for selecting which DNS records to check against a domain
  • Provides EditableFormFields for the silverstripe/userforms module

Basic MX Validation

use Codem\DomainValidation\CloudflareDnsOverHttps;
$domain = ""
$service = new CloudflareDnsOverHttps();
$answers = $service->performLookup('MX');
//OR shortcut
//OR compare priority and hostname exactly

Basic A + AAAA Validation

use Codem\DomainValidation\CloudflareDnsOverHttps;
$domain = ""
$service = new CloudflareDnsOverHttps();
$results = [];
$results['AAAA'] = $service->performLookup('AAAA');
$results['A']= $service->performLookup('A');

Form field usage

See DomainValidationForm in the source for a full example

UserForm field

Editable form fields are available for the silverstripe/userforms module

The EditableSelectableLookupField field allows for DnsChecks to be configured along with strict checking. The ValidatedDomainField allows for configurable record type and strict/non-strict checking.

  • Strict Checking - the lookup must return entries for each record type requested
  • Non Strict Checking - the lookup can return any number of entries for the field to validate as OK


/path/to/php /path/to/composer require codem/silverstripe-domain-validation:^n.N

This is a pre-release, not currently in Packagist.





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