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Codemagic community documentation

Welcome to the Codemagic public documentation repository. As a Codemagic user, you can contribute to our documentation to improve it.

Getting started

To contribute, fork the repository, make your changes and start a pull request. All pull requests will be reviewed by the Codemagic team.

Common issues page

We invite you to help out fellow Codemagic users by describing a frequent issue and providing a solution to it. Add your entry to the "Common issues" page under Troubleshooting.

Please follow the format of existing issues for consistency.

  1. Provide a clear description of the issue and the steps to reproduce it. Keep the description short and sweet.
  2. Provide a log output, if relevant.
  3. Specify the Flutter (and Xcode) version if you think these are relevant.
  4. Describe the solution to overcome this issue.


Development requires Hugo static site generator. It can be installed with Homebrew for Linux and macOS users

brew install hugo

Note that Hugo extended v0.77.0 is used in production. This Hugo version can be downloaded from releases page.

Windows users can install Chocolatey. After that Hugo can be installed with

choco install hugo-extended --version 0.77.0

For general info see Hugo documentation.

Content is in content in CommonMark markdown format, as implemented by goldmark;

Layout templates are in layouts in HTML format and go template syntax for "actions" (Hugo documentation).


Linux and macOS users can preview the site in http://localhost:1313/ by launching:


Windows users launch:


It will usually refresh automatically when anything is changed

For testing things that require a subdomain, add a subdomain to your hosts file:

# example for MacOS

sudo sh -c "echo '\tdocs.codemagic.local' >> /etc/hosts"

and preview the site in http://docs.codemagic.local:1313/ instead.


Here you’ll find some essential information for setting up CI/CD for your Flutter app with Codemagic.





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