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Craft Kit - PHP

This is the official craft kit for PHP by Codemason.

$ mason craft php

Craft kits let you Dockerize your application with one command. They are an excellent way to ease into building Docker powered apps without having to learn the ins and outs of Docker.

Then with Codemason, you can deploy your app to a server in a matter of minutes!


This guide assumes you have:


Craft your PHP app with Docker

$ mason craft php

Add your Docker files to source control.

$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Docker"

Spin up your development environment with Docker (add the -d flag to the command to run in detached mode). Your PHP files will be served from the public/ directory.

$ docker-compose up

That's all! You're now running your PHP application with Docker!

Craft --with

You can even swap out the default services the Craft Kit uses by using the --with parameter.

$ mason craft php --with="php, postgres"
  • Default: php, mysql
  • Available: php, mysql, mariadb, mongodb, postgres, postgis


Deploying is just as easy with Codemason. For more detailed instructions, see our documentation.

Create an application on Codemason for your app

$ mason create --application php-app

Push your code to your Codemason Git remote to build it into a Docker image

$ git push codemason master 


$ mason deploy --to php-app