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  1. CodemerxDecompile CodemerxDecompile Public

    The first standalone .NET decompiler for Mac, Linux and Windows

    C# 205 9

  2. JustDecompileEngine JustDecompileEngine Public

    The decompilation engine of CodemerxDecompile

    C# 25 3

  3. xdelta-async-nodejs-addon xdelta-async-nodejs-addon Public

    Forked from ably/xdelta-async-nodejs-addon

    Asynchronous native addon for Node.js for generation and application of patches in VCDIFF format using the Xdelta algorithm

    C++ 2

  4. assembly-differ-action assembly-differ-action Public

    Ensure library's public API has the expected level of changes (major, minor or patch) since a previous version

    JavaScript 3 1

  5. JustAssembly JustAssembly Public

    Forked from telerik/JustAssembly

    Assembly Diff and Analysis Tool

    C# 6

  6. code-samples code-samples Public

    Useful code snippets that CodeMerx shares with the community

    C++ 4 6


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