Code and slides for Codemania 'Monads to the Rescue' presentation
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Code and slides for a Codemania presentation (

The Java 8 code was compiled with OpenJDK 8 early access edition B79 with lambda support, available from:

Information on how to download and use the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) is available at The full Haskell platform is available at A quick-start guide can be found at

Abstract: Monads to the Rescue

Monads are sometimes spoken of like villains with an evil plan to turn programmers' brains to mush. This talk will reveal that monads are actually superheroes and show how they can save your Hello World and beyond from great perils. The presentation will cover some of the basics of the functional programming paradigm before focusing on a select squad of monadic heroes. There will be examples shown in Java 8 as well as Haskell.