Intro to AppleTV and tvOS as presented at That Conference and Prairie.Code() 2016
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As Seen On TV ... Developing Apps For AppleTV and tvOS

An Intro to tvOS Development

That Conference & Prairie.Code() 2016

Slides, demo code and references from That Conference & Prairie.Code() on tvOS development.


  • CampFocus

    • General layout of a tvOS app.
    • How to use the focus engine to enable an UIImageView to receive focus.
    • Make sure the CanBecomeFocused is overridden and returns true.
    • Also demoed use of PressesBegan and PressesEnded.
  • MatchNCamp

    • Demo to show how to use a stack layout to auto adjust for content appearing and disappearing with little work.
    • Also showed another focus engine function DidUpdateFocus that allows the app to respond to focus changes in the UI.


A big thank you for everybody attending! Please reach out if you have any questions! @codemillmatt

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