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<title>CodeMirror: Autocomplete Demo</title>
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<h2>Autocomplete Demo</h2>
<form><textarea id="code" name="code">
function getCompletions(token, context) {
var found = [], start = token.string;
function maybeAdd(str) {
if (str.indexOf(start) == 0) found.push(str);
function gatherCompletions(obj) {
if (typeof obj == "string") forEach(stringProps, maybeAdd);
else if (obj instanceof Array) forEach(arrayProps, maybeAdd);
else if (obj instanceof Function) forEach(funcProps, maybeAdd);
for (var name in obj) maybeAdd(name);
if (context) {
// If this is a property, see if it belongs to some object we can
// find in the current environment.
var obj = context.pop(), base;
if (obj.className == "js-variable")
base = window[obj.string];
else if (obj.className == "js-string")
base = "";
else if (obj.className == "js-atom")
base = 1;
while (base != null && context.length)
base = base[context.pop().string];
if (base != null) gatherCompletions(base);
else {
// If not, just look in the window object and any local scope
// (reading into JS mode internals to get at the local variables)
for (var v = token.state.localVars; v; v = maybeAdd(;
forEach(keywords, maybeAdd);
return found;
<p>Press <strong>ctrl-space</strong> to activate autocompletion. Built
on top of the <a href="../doc/manual.html#addon_show-hint"><code>show-hint</code></a>
and <a href="../doc/manual.html#addon_javascript-hint"><code>javascript-hint</code></a>
<form><textarea style="display: none" id="synonyms" name="synonyms">
Here, the completion use an asynchronous hinting functions to provide
synonyms for each words. If your browser support `Promises`, the
hinting function can also return one.
var editor = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(document.getElementById("code"), {
lineNumbers: true,
extraKeys: {"Ctrl-Space": "autocomplete"},
mode: {name: "javascript", globalVars: true}
if (typeof Promise !== "undefined") {
var comp = [
["here", "hither"],
["asynchronous", "nonsynchronous"],
["completion", "achievement", "conclusion", "culmination", "expirations"],
["hinting", "advive", "broach", "imply"],
["provide", "add", "bring", "give"],
["synonyms", "equivalents"],
["words", "token"],
["each", "every"],
function synonyms(cm, option) {
return new Promise(function(accept) {
setTimeout(function() {
var cursor = cm.getCursor(), line = cm.getLine(cursor.line)
var start =, end =
while (start && /\w/.test(line.charAt(start - 1))) --start
while (end < line.length && /\w/.test(line.charAt(end))) ++end
var word = line.slice(start, end).toLowerCase()
for (var i = 0; i < comp.length; i++) if (comp[i].indexOf(word) != -1)
return accept({list: comp[i],
from: CodeMirror.Pos(cursor.line, start),
to: CodeMirror.Pos(cursor.line, end)})
return accept(null)
}, 100)
var editor2 = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(document.getElementById("synonyms"), {
extraKeys: {"Ctrl-Space": "autocomplete"},
lineNumbers: true,
lineWrapping: true,
mode: "text/x-markdown",
hintOptions: {hint: synonyms}