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<title>CodeMirror: XML mode</title>
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<h2>XML mode</h2>
<form><textarea id="code" name="code">
&lt;html style="color: green"&gt;
&lt;!-- this is a comment --&gt;
&lt;title&gt;HTML Example&lt;/title&gt;
The indentation tries to be &lt;em&gt;somewhat &amp;quot;do what
I mean&amp;quot;&lt;/em&gt;... but might not match your style.
var editor = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(document.getElementById("code"), {
mode: "text/html",
lineNumbers: true
<p>The XML mode supports these configuration parameters:</p>
<dt><code>htmlMode (boolean)</code></dt>
<dd>This switches the mode to parse HTML instead of XML. This
means attributes do not have to be quoted, and some elements
(such as <code>br</code>) do not require a closing tag.</dd>
<dt><code>matchClosing (boolean)</code></dt>
<dd>Controls whether the mode checks that close tags match the
corresponding opening tag, and highlights mismatches as errors.
Defaults to true.</dd>
<dt><code>alignCDATA (boolean)</code></dt>
<dd>Setting this to true will force the opening tag of CDATA
blocks to not be indented.</dd>
<p><strong>MIME types defined:</strong> <code>application/xml</code>, <code>text/html</code>.</p>