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+# How to contribute
+- [Getting help](#getting-help-)
+- [Submitting bug reports](#submitting-bug-reports-)
+- [Contributing code](#contributing-code-)
+## Getting help [^](#how-to-contribute)
+Community discussion, questions, and informal bug reporting is done on the
+[CodeMirror Google group](
+## Submitting bug reports [^](#how-to-contribute)
+The preferred way to report bugs is to use the
+[GitHub issue tracker]( Before
+reporting a bug, read these pointers.
+**Note:** The issue tracker is for *bugs*, not requests for help. Questions
+should be asked on the
+[CodeMirror Google group]( instead.
+### Reporting bugs effectively
+- CodeMirror is maintained by volunteers. They don't owe you anything, so be
+ polite. Reports with an indignant or belligerent tone tend to be moved to the
+ bottom of the pile.
+- Include information about **the browser in which the problem occurred**. Even
+ if you tested several browsers, and the problem occurred in all of them,
+ mention this fact in the bug report. Also include browser version numbers and
+ the operating system that you're on.
+- Mention which release of CodeMirror you're using. Preferably, try also with
+ the current development snapshot, to ensure the problem has not already been
+ fixed.
+- Mention very precisely what went wrong. "X is broken" is not a good bug
+ report. What did you expect to happen? What happened instead? Describe the
+ exact steps a maintainer has to take to make the problem occur. We can not
+ fix something that we can not observe.
+- If the problem can not be reproduced in any of the demos included in the
+ CodeMirror distribution, please provide an HTML document that demonstrates
+ the problem. The best way to do this is to go to
+ [](, enter it there, press save, and
+ include the resulting link in your bug report.
+## Contributing code [^](#how-to-contribute)
+- Make sure you have a [GitHub Account](
+- Fork [CodeMirror](
+ ([how to fork a repo](
+- Make your changes
+ - If your change affects highlighting for one of the modes, please [add (or
+ change) tests](#adding-mode-highlighting-tests) for the changes. If the mode
+ doesn't already have highlighting tests, you *aren't* required to add any.
+- Test your changes
+ -Visit `/path-to-code/test/index.html` to test your code. *All tests should
+ pass*.
+- Submit a pull request
+([how to create a pull request](
+### Adding mode highlighting tests
+- Create a `test.js` file in the corresponding mode directory
+ ([example](
+- Add script tags to `/test/index.html` to include the formatting code and
+ as well as the tests.
+- Run the tests!
+### Code formatting standards
+- 2 spaces (no tabs)
+- Wrap to 80 characters when possible (unless it affects readability negatively)
+- No trailing whitespace
+ - Blank lines should be indented as if there *is* text on them
+- Spacing
+ - `function someFunction(someVar, someOtherVar) {`
+ - `if (someVar === true) doThis(someVar, someOtherVar);`
+ - `if (!someVar || someOtherVar === 0) {`
@@ -4,5 +4,6 @@ CodeMirror is a JavaScript component that provides a code editor in
the browser. When a mode is available for the language you are coding
in, it will color your code, and optionally help with indentation.
-The project page is
-The manual is at
+The project page is
+The manual is at
+The contributing guidelines are in the file

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