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- <p>This is a project aiming to create a CodeMirror-style component
- without using an IFRAME. CodeMirror 1, with its editable frame,
- still works pretty well but...</p>
- <ul>
- <li>the lack of control over the actual frame content makes some things really hard to do and/or slow</li>
- <li>the frame makes the API unnecessarily awkward—it has to load asynchronously, and, for example, can't be moved around the DOM</li>
- <li>editable elements are a shady area of browser functionality that is full of bugs</li>
- <li>(the same goes for controlling selection in arbitrary DOM structures)</li>
- <li>some of the design decisions I made in the original implementation make things slower than they have to be</li>
- <li>the complexity of the code, both from work-around cruft and from the inherent trickiness of having the DOM be your data representation, make it hard to modify at this point</li>
- </ul>
- <p>So this is a from-scratch implementation, using non-editable
- DOM elements for presentation, and a hidden textarea for input and
- local cursor motion. It aims to be:</p>
- <ul>
- <li>really small</li>
- <li>simple to use (almost no custom keybindings)</li>
- <li>so generic that it can be embedded everywhere</li>
- <li>fast enough to work with huge files (on modern browsers)</li>
- </ul>
- <p>One thing it won't do is support line-wrapping. I've spent a
- few days investigating this, and had to conclude that the slowdown
- and increased flakiness of supporting line-wrapping isn't going to
- be worth it.</p>
- <p>Code at <a href=""></a>.</p>
var editor = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(document.getElementById("code"), {
lineNumbers: true,
matchBrackets: true
+ <h3>CodeMirror 2 has entered beta!</h3>
+ <p>Beta 1 was released on February 8th 2011. There are no release
+ files yet, just
+ a <a href="">git
+ tag</a>.</p>
+ <p>There is now a <a href="manual.html">manual</a>, and you are
+ encouraged to try the library out and leave bug reports at
+ the <a href="">github
+ issue tracker</a> (anything from the editor behaving badly to a
+ typo in the docs).</p>
+ <p>Code at <a href=""></a>.</p>

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