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@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ <h1><span class="logo-braces">{ }</span> <a href="">CodeMi
<input type="hidden" id="download" name="download" value="codemirror-compressed.js"/>
<p>Version: <select id="version" onchange="setVersion(this);" style="padding: 1px">
<option value="">HEAD</option>
+ <option value=";hb=v2.14;f=">2.14</option>
<option value=";hb=v2.13;f=">2.13</option>
<option value=";hb=v2.12;f=">2.12</option>
<option value=";hb=v2.11;f=">2.11</option>
@@ -168,6 +168,16 @@ <h2>Make a donation</h2>
+ <p class="rel">26-09-2011: <a href="">Version 2.14</a>:</p>
+ <ul class="rel-note">
+ <li>Add <a href="mode/clojure/index.html">Clojure</a>, <a href="mode/pascal/index.html">Pascal</a>, <a href="mode/ntriples/index.html">NTriples</a>, <a href="mode/jinja2/index.html">Jinja2</a>, and <a href="mode/markdown/index.html">Markdown</a> modes.</li>
+ <li>Add <a href="theme/cobalt.css">Cobalt</a> and <a href="theme/eclipse.css">Eclipse</a> themes.</li>
+ <li>Add a <a href="manual.html#option_fixedGutter"><code>fixedGutter</code></a> option.</li>
+ <li>Fix bug with <code>setValue</code> breaking cursor movement.</li>
+ <li>Make gutter updates much more efficient.</li>
+ <li>Allow dragging of text out of the editor (on modern browsers).</li>
+ </ul>
<p class="rel">23-08-2011: <a href="">Version 2.13</a>:</p>
<ul class="rel-note">
<li>Add <a href="mode/ruby/index.html">Ruby</a>, <a href="mode/r/index.html">R</a>, <a href="mode/coffeescript/index.html">CoffeeScript</a>, and <a href="mode/velocity/index.html">Velocity</a> modes.</li>

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