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[sql mode] Treat / as an operator char

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marijnh committed Dec 18, 2018
1 parent 0327f53 commit 63b591cefb3fc6cf0b82b6d05c1b870ea8c7b085
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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ CodeMirror.defineMode("sql", function(config, parserConfig) {
atoms = parserConfig.atoms || {"false": true, "true": true, "null": true},
builtin = parserConfig.builtin || {},
keywords = parserConfig.keywords || {},
operatorChars = parserConfig.operatorChars || /^[*+\-%<>!=&|~^]/,
operatorChars = parserConfig.operatorChars || /^[*+\-%<>!=&|~^\/]/,
support = || {},
hooks = parserConfig.hooks || {},
dateSQL = parserConfig.dateSQL || {"date" : true, "time" : true, "timestamp" : true},
@@ -391,7 +391,7 @@ CodeMirror.defineMode("sql", function(config, parserConfig) {
client: set("appinfo arraysize autocommit autoprint autorecovery autotrace blockterminator break btitle cmdsep colsep compatibility compute concat copycommit copytypecheck define describe echo editfile embedded escape exec execute feedback flagger flush heading headsep instance linesize lno loboffset logsource long longchunksize markup native newpage numformat numwidth pagesize pause pno recsep recsepchar release repfooter repheader serveroutput shiftinout show showmode size spool sqlblanklines sqlcase sqlcode sqlcontinue sqlnumber sqlpluscompatibility sqlprefix sqlprompt sqlterminator suffix tab term termout time timing trimout trimspool ttitle underline verify version wrap"),
keywords: set("abort accept access add all alter and any array arraylen as asc assert assign at attributes audit authorization avg base_table begin between binary_integer body boolean by case cast char char_base check close cluster clusters colauth column comment commit compress connect connected constant constraint crash create current currval cursor data_base database date dba deallocate debugoff debugon decimal declare default definition delay delete desc digits dispose distinct do drop else elseif elsif enable end entry escape exception exception_init exchange exclusive exists exit external fast fetch file for force form from function generic goto grant group having identified if immediate in increment index indexes indicator initial initrans insert interface intersect into is key level library like limited local lock log logging long loop master maxextents maxtrans member minextents minus mislabel mode modify multiset new next no noaudit nocompress nologging noparallel not nowait number_base object of off offline on online only open option or order out package parallel partition pctfree pctincrease pctused pls_integer positive positiven pragma primary prior private privileges procedure public raise range raw read rebuild record ref references refresh release rename replace resource restrict return returning returns reverse revoke rollback row rowid rowlabel rownum rows run savepoint schema segment select separate session set share snapshot some space split sql start statement storage subtype successful synonym tabauth table tables tablespace task terminate then to trigger truncate type union unique unlimited unrecoverable unusable update use using validate value values variable view views when whenever where while with work"),
builtin: set("abs acos add_months ascii asin atan atan2 average bfile bfilename bigserial bit blob ceil character chartorowid chr clob concat convert cos cosh count dec decode deref dual dump dup_val_on_index empty error exp false float floor found glb greatest hextoraw initcap instr instrb int integer isopen last_day least length lengthb ln lower lpad ltrim lub make_ref max min mlslabel mod months_between natural naturaln nchar nclob new_time next_day nextval nls_charset_decl_len nls_charset_id nls_charset_name nls_initcap nls_lower nls_sort nls_upper nlssort no_data_found notfound null number numeric nvarchar2 nvl others power rawtohex real reftohex round rowcount rowidtochar rowtype rpad rtrim serial sign signtype sin sinh smallint soundex sqlcode sqlerrm sqrt stddev string substr substrb sum sysdate tan tanh to_char text to_date to_label to_multi_byte to_number to_single_byte translate true trunc uid unlogged upper user userenv varchar varchar2 variance varying vsize xml"),
operatorChars: /^[*+\-%<>!=~]/,
operatorChars: /^[*\/+\-%<>!=~]/,
dateSQL: set("date time timestamp"),
support: set("doubleQuote nCharCast zerolessFloat binaryNumber hexNumber")
@@ -415,7 +415,7 @@ CodeMirror.defineMode("sql", function(config, parserConfig) {
builtin: set("bigint int8 bigserial serial8 bit varying varbit boolean bool box bytea character char varchar cidr circle date double precision float8 inet integer int int4 interval json jsonb line lseg macaddr macaddr8 money numeric decimal path pg_lsn point polygon real float4 smallint int2 smallserial serial2 serial serial4 text time without zone with timetz timestamp timestamptz tsquery tsvector txid_snapshot uuid xml"),
atoms: set("false true null unknown"),
operatorChars: /^[*+\-%<>!=&|^\/#@?~]/,
operatorChars: /^[*\/+\-%<>!=&|^\/#@?~]/,
dateSQL: set("date time timestamp"),
support: set("ODBCdotTable decimallessFloat zerolessFloat binaryNumber hexNumber nCharCast charsetCast")
@@ -448,7 +448,7 @@ CodeMirror.defineMode("sql", function(config, parserConfig) {
keywords: set("add after all alter analyze and anti archive array as asc at between bucket buckets by cache cascade case cast change clear cluster clustered codegen collection column columns comment commit compact compactions compute concatenate cost create cross cube current current_date current_timestamp database databases datata dbproperties defined delete delimited deny desc describe dfs directories distinct distribute drop else end escaped except exchange exists explain export extended external false fields fileformat first following for format formatted from full function functions global grant group grouping having if ignore import in index indexes inner inpath inputformat insert intersect interval into is items join keys last lateral lazy left like limit lines list load local location lock locks logical macro map minus msck natural no not null nulls of on optimize option options or order out outer outputformat over overwrite partition partitioned partitions percent preceding principals purge range recordreader recordwriter recover reduce refresh regexp rename repair replace reset restrict revoke right rlike role roles rollback rollup row rows schema schemas select semi separated serde serdeproperties set sets show skewed sort sorted start statistics stored stratify struct table tables tablesample tblproperties temp temporary terminated then to touch transaction transactions transform true truncate unarchive unbounded uncache union unlock unset use using values view when where window with"),
builtin: set("tinyint smallint int bigint boolean float double string binary timestamp decimal array map struct uniontype delimited serde sequencefile textfile rcfile inputformat outputformat"),
atoms: set("false true null"),
operatorChars: /^[*+\-%<>!=~&|^]/,
operatorChars: /^[*\/+\-%<>!=~&|^]/,
dateSQL: set("date time timestamp"),
support: set("ODBCdotTable doubleQuote zerolessFloat")

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