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CSS: Allow contextual glyph alternatives

Ligatures were disabled since some editors didn’t allow placing the cursor inside of them.

“Contextual alternatives” on the other hand still allow this, therefore this commit enables them to support e.g. Fira Code’s main gimmick.
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1 parent d5d12e0 commit b557c1592942d29086889e65d4811d59977843ca @flying-sheep flying-sheep committed on GitHub Dec 16, 2016
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  1. +2 −2 lib/codemirror.css
@@ -249,8 +249,8 @@ div.CodeMirror span.CodeMirror-nonmatchingbracket {color: #f22;}
position: relative;
overflow: visible;
-webkit-tap-highlight-color: transparent;
- -webkit-font-variant-ligatures: none;
- font-variant-ligatures: none;
+ -webkit-font-variant-ligatures: contextual;
+ font-variant-ligatures: contextual;
.CodeMirror-wrap pre {
word-wrap: break-word;

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