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Don't emphasize mode test suites and coding standards so much, they
are not a big issue.
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@@ -51,30 +51,20 @@ should be asked on the
- Fork [CodeMirror](
([how to fork a repo](
- Make your changes
- - If your change affects highlighting for one of the modes, please [add (or
- change) tests](#adding-mode-highlighting-tests) for the changes. If the mode
- doesn't already have highlighting tests, you *aren't* required to add any.
-- Test your changes
- -Visit `/path-to-code/test/index.html` to test your code. *All tests should
- pass*.
+- If your changes are easy to test or likely to regress, add tests.
+ Tests for the core go into `test/test.js`, some modes have their own
+ test suite under `mode/XXX/test.js`. Feel free to add new test
+ suites to modes that don't have one yet (be sure to link the new
+ tests into `test/index.html`).
+- Make sure all tests pass. Visit `test/index.html` in your browser to
+ run them.
- Submit a pull request
([how to create a pull request](
-### Adding mode highlighting tests
+### Coding standards
-- Create a `test.js` file in the corresponding mode directory
- ([example](
-- Add script tags to `/test/index.html` to include the formatting code and
- as well as the tests.
-- Run the tests!
-### Code formatting standards
-- 2 spaces (no tabs)
-- Wrap to 80 characters when possible (unless it affects readability negatively)
-- No trailing whitespace
- - Blank lines should be indented as if there *is* text on them
-- Spacing
- - `function someFunction(someVar, someOtherVar) {`
- - `if (someVar === true) doThis(someVar, someOtherVar);`
- - `if (!someVar || someOtherVar === 0) {`
+- 2 spaces per indentation level, no tabs.
+- Include semicolons after statements.
+- Note that the linter (`test/lint/lint.js`) which is run after each
+ commit complains about unused variables and functions. Prefix their
+ names with an underscore to muffle it.

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