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Commits on Jul 23, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Test for end-of-line measurement bugs a7fb56d
Commits on Jul 24, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Remove fundraiser banner 195b3a7
Commits on Jul 30, 2012
@timjb timjb Run test suite with PhantomJS and Travis 35e89c5
@marijnh marijnh Show low-range ascii, zero-width space, byte-order marks as red dots
Closes #649
@marijnh marijnh Update gutter when lineNumberFormatter is changed 42dac6a
@peterkroon peterkroon Typo, removed double clear word 57dcc05
@peterkroon peterkroon Update lib/codemirror.js
Remove double semicolon.
@marijnh marijnh Reset editor width when switching to line wrapping
Closes #660
@marijnh marijnh [clike mode] Add more MIMEs for C and C++ 42be39b
@marijnh marijnh Restore functionality of binding a key to false
(This will cause it to pass through CM's key handlers unmolested.)
@marijnh marijnh Adjust vert scrollbar in size when horiz one is visible
And fix some more scrolling-related confusion.

Closes #663
@marijnh marijnh Fix brokenness introduced by last few patches 37476d5
@peterkroon peterkroon Store instance in a variable in demo/marker.html 1b94e9e
@marijnh marijnh Simpler computation of docBottom in scrolling code 50b654c
@marijnh marijnh [mode multiplexer] Be more careful about using indent method
Closes #670
@marijnh marijnh [dialog util] Restore editor focus when button is pressed
Closes #671
@marijnh marijnh Use measureLine when determining max line width
It used to use stringWidth, which ignored transformations applied to
the text (most notably, tab replacement), and produced bad results.

Closes #672
Commits on Jul 31, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Clean up scrolling event handlers
They could get into an infinite recursion on Safari, causing
scrolling glitches.
@marijnh marijnh New approach to normalizing scrollwheel deltas 3575c53
@marijnh marijnh Make setSize also refresh e5f9692
@marijnh marijnh Better error messages from test suite f487e88
@marijnh marijnh Detect wrapped line jumps when rounding coords to characters
Issue #650
@marijnh marijnh Stop suppressing pointer events
Issue #674
@marijnh marijnh Remove debugging single-test limit 726c616
@marijnh marijnh Fix new test to work with different zoom levels 4ff1fc0
@marijnh marijnh Fix several bugs in search code 0634f2e
@marijnh marijnh Make at least forward regexp search behave properly wrt $ and ^ 853794a
@marijnh marijnh Make sure inside of scroller is always big enough to scroll
Issue #676
@borawjm borawjm Replace e.preventDefault() with e_preventDefault(e) f888e0d
@bfrohs bfrohs Allow for hard wrapping within a blockquote d404873
Commits on Aug 01, 2012
@bfrohs bfrohs Hide the cursor when printing 946cd65
@marijnh marijnh Switch back to accurate total height computation in calculateScrollPos
Closes #679
@marijnh marijnh Linting (semicolons, accidental globals) 03548bd
@marijnh marijnh Add a linter, run it as part of the test suite ab7f49b
@Page- Page- Change vim iterList to a standard for loop.
This fixes an error in the case that extra properties have been added to
the array prototype.
@marijnh marijnh Make sure display is updated properly on cursor movement
Closes #684
@marijnh marijnh Switch main library over to strict mode 2b01218
@marijnh marijnh Move 'use strict' inside of main function
To prevent problems with script concatenation.
Commits on Aug 03, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Mention codemirror-announce list on project page 94782e4
@bfrohs bfrohs Specify character encoding on all pages. f5eab94
@marijnh marijnh Bail out of measureLine when editor is not in the DOM
That'll make getElementById fail to return our measure element,
which shouldn't break the whole editor anymore now.
@marijnh marijnh Add some more random variance to temp element id baf89c4
@marijnh marijnh [xml-hint] Move from .substr to .slice for old-IE compat, fix offset bug
Closes #692
Commits on Aug 06, 2012
@jankeromnes jankeromnes Save memory on null pointers in Line object a2ca948
@jankeromnes jankeromnes Remove some tailing spaces 659173a
@marijnh marijnh Fix testsuite in IE dad0bd1
@marijnh marijnh Make tests pass on Opera
And move browser detection up in the codemirror.js file, to prevent
further instances of 'use sniffing before actually doing it' bugs.
@repenaxa repenaxa Migrate from innerHTML to DOM bindings / fragments. 0f44da0
@repenaxa repenaxa Emulate textContent setter in case of IE 0a6bbc2
@marijnh marijnh Clean up and optimize tab/invalid char rendering in getElement
Issue #698
@marijnh marijnh Remove CodeMirror.htmlEscape
Issue #698
@repenaxa repenaxa Add support for keywords in CSS mode 81ece33
@marijnh marijnh Note about mobile browsers to browser support section on project page 1c8ac0d
@marijnh marijnh Give scroller element a V scrollbar again
Hide it by overlaying it with our fake scrollbar. Remove explicit wheel handling
for reasons of being extremely hard to get right.

Issue #694
Commits on Aug 07, 2012
@bfrohs bfrohs Add info about setting a key binding to FALSE 0ad9934
@marijnh marijnh Fix inserting of HTML gutter markers
Closes #703
@repenaxa repenaxa Pressing Up while on the first line should move cursor to (0,0) 4ec8a34
Commits on Aug 08, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Use a more robust solution for biasing coordsChar to the right line
The old solution made clicking on tabs (and other wide characters) always
put the cursor *before* them, even when clicking near their right.
@marijnh marijnh [javascript mode] Fix poor handling of : punctuation
Closes #708
@marijnh marijnh [html mode] Turn on allowMissing so that <input checked> is valid
Closes #709
@marijnh marijnh Add a test ensuring that clicking a tab's right half works f9c0741
@marijnh marijnh Replace innerHTML in init code with DOM construction methods
This is easier to work with than the child/sibling pointer following
that was needed to get the elements out.

Also rename function createElement to elt, and make it possible to
pass an array of child nodes.
@marijnh marijnh Add a mechanism for expected failure to the test driver 6f1c625
@marijnh marijnh Set some tests to expect failure on IE7 df21300
@marijnh marijnh Make tests pass on IE8 264ccbd
@marijnh marijnh Add Codev to real-world uses b9b0e39
@marijnh marijnh Make double-click selection distinguish between whitespace and punctu…
Commits on Aug 09, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Properly pass tabSize to getTokenAt
It was creating a StringStream with a default tabSize.
@marijnh marijnh Add a test for vertical scrollbar behavior
In non-wrapping mode
@marijnh marijnh [tests] Add test for key binding subsystem 016daab
@marijnh marijnh [tests] Add tests for cursor-motion commands e828092
Commits on Aug 10, 2012
@marijnh marijnh [visibletabs demo] Use an image instead of a magic :after style
This fixes the problem where the tabs interfere with other text when only
a single character wide.

Issue #673
@bfrohs bfrohs Only autofocus editor if another element isn't already focused. b1431bd
@marijnh marijnh [tests] Fix assumptions in the face of browser quirks
Makes tests pass on IE, FF, and Opera again.

Apparently, toUpperCase isn't all that standards, and ß.toUpperCase()
produces SS on Webkit, ß on other browsers.

Also worked around some crumminess in the way IE7 reports clientWidth.

Issue #697
@peterkroon peterkroon [less mode] better handle css2, bugfixes 436fa05
@peterkroon peterkroon [visibletabs demo] Remove outdated text 2c2d45c
@marijnh marijnh Revert "Only autofocus editor if another element isn't already focused."
This reverts commit b1431bd.

I pushed it by accident.
@marijnh marijnh Add getViewport and onViewportChange to API
This allows client code to find out which part of the document
is currently being shown.
@marijnh marijnh [visibletabs demo] Make arrow wider 65651f9
@marijnh marijnh Fix bug in coordsChar
Page-up would sometimes scroll all the way to the top even
though it shouldn't, because of a poorly chosen check in coordsChar.

The new check should no longer get false positives.
Commits on Aug 13, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Remove function that no longer had any effect
@marijnh marijnh Work around Webkit 'stuck scrollbar' bug
Closes #716
@marijnh marijnh Change autofocus rules in fromTextArea
It now focuses the new editor only if the textarea argument
currently has focus.

Closes #714
@peterkroon peterkroon [less mode] Improve highlighting 47c8458
@marijnh marijnh Suppress no-op calls to replaceRange from indentLine
Produces less noisy change objects when pressing enter.
@jankeromnes jankeromnes Add Build Status to 6c05854
@marijnh marijnh [vim keymap] IE7-proof a loop over a string ed2863d
Commits on Aug 15, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Remove unused computedStyle utility function 56f6b37
@marijnh marijnh Another stab at autofocus + fromTextArea behavior
Issue #721
@jankeromnes jankeromnes Configurable cursor blink rate, default to 530ms
Suggested implementation for issue #722
Joost-Wim Boekesteijn Make documentation reflect peek()'s behaviour.
String.prototype.charAt returns '' (empty string) for characters outside the range of the string.
@marijnh marijnh Make StringStream.peek return undefined when at eol
Makes its behavior match the documentation, and the behavior or .next().

Issue #724
Commits on Aug 16, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Stop leaking window resize handlers dd6bbc6
@marijnh marijnh Turn off the pseudo-scrollbar on OS X Lion
This is a temporary kludge. I hope we'll be able to find a better
solution. (This should bring back the flicker issue on Lion.)

Issue #727
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Dont select the input textarea unless focused 35554d5
@Page- Page- Add a closeOnBackspace option to simpleHint. 81c018d
@Page- Page- Add a closeOnTokenChange option to simpleHint. 6e56a89
@marijnh marijnh Amendment to commit c0ab870 f44ac12
@marijnh marijnh Remove some obsolete logic
Now that the scroller div has its own vertical scrollbar, we no longer
need to explicitly update the scrollbar during updateDisplay.
@thsmi thsmi Add Sieve mode c17f9f9
Commits on Aug 19, 2012
@amireh amireh Markdown mode: fixed issue with [bracket quoted words] that aren't ac…
…tually links being tokenized as links
Commits on Aug 20, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Another stab at cleanly disabling the fake scrollbar on Lion 4a034c1
@alexey-k alexey-k Sequences like "};" not line-broken anymore
Was "};" => "}\n;" before, "};" => "};\n" now.
Commits on Aug 21, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Fix failing test verticalMovementCommandsWrapping on Chrome 21 231af71
@marijnh marijnh Ensure cursor doesn't end up outside of visible window
Closes #738
@marijnh marijnh Fix problem with ghost scrollbar in self-resizing editor 37d924e
@marijnh marijnh [css mode] Treat parenthesis as punctuation
Closes #737
@marijnh marijnh Assign our global with window.CodeMirror = ...
Closes #736
@marijnh marijnh Reflect repository rename in docs and project pages
(codemirror2 -> codemirror)
@marijnh marijnh Update tester link to reflect right repository 9703015
Commits on Aug 23, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Make the linter complain about byte-order marks in files 3d78790
@jankeromnes jankeromnes remove byte order mark in xml-hint.js ef27ccc
@marijnh marijnh Remove '2' from dev snapshot zip file name 65e02a7
@marijnh marijnh Add Github android app to real-world uses 3d786d4
@marijnh marijnh Don't force a width on IE7
It produces a bogus horizontal scrollbar there.
@marijnh marijnh Mark release 2.33 805b5a4