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Commits on Sep 19, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Fix bad link in upgrade guide e6ed299
Commits on Sep 20, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Don't rely on offsetParent being non-null
When the editor is hidden, they can be null.
@marijnh marijnh Avoid putting too huge a selection in the textarea a3747d5
@marijnh marijnh Fix page-base coordinate queries
Closes #840
@marijnh marijnh Use a className in demo/marker.html
Should help trigger #836, and is cleaner anyway.
@marijnh marijnh Repair gutterclick event
The line calculation was ignoring paddingTop and scrolling.
@marijnh marijnh Increase getStateBefore's scan limit 81dbb5d
@marijnh marijnh Add caveat to doc/internals.html 4c7fce0
Commits on Sep 25, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Fix git URL in doc/compress.html 52d76de
Commits on Sep 26, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Remove obsolete comment 86f340c
@marijnh marijnh Fix bug in setOption("lineNumbers", true)
It would not propertly update the gutter width.
@marijnh marijnh Make sure line numbers take up whole number gutter width 4ac90cd
@marijnh marijnh Solidify vertical scrolling gutter behavior 58b5072
@marijnh marijnh Another adjustment to line number width tracking 0796298
@marijnh marijnh Add cursorHeight option e079c4b
@marijnh marijnh Fix page coordinate bug when document is scrolled be1d351
Commits on Sep 28, 2012
@marijnh marijnh [util/simple-hint] don't close hint dialog when a modifier key is pre…

Closes #853
@marijnh marijnh Mention JSHint in line widgets demo link
Closes #843
@marijnh marijnh Ensure block-indent doesn't use outdated state
Closes #844
@marijnh marijnh Fix setOption('tabindex', ...) c5b4b8c
@feizhang365 feizhang365 Update lib/util/searchcursor.js
fix reverse Regexp match which cause memory leak
@marijnh marijnh [demo/mustache] Recognize triple braces 6d229ea
@marijnh marijnh Don't do overwrite when pasting 0b0df3f
@ahoward ahoward embedded ruby configuration 77c6a6f
@marijnh marijnh [javascript&clike modes] Indent block comments with CodeMirror.Pass
This'll align them with the previous line. It's not a perfect solution,
but probably better than simply returning 0.

Issue #854
@marijnh marijnh Add gittip donation link 4d5f315
@marijnh marijnh [javascript mode] Fix suble parsing bug in for loop specs f0a8e54
@marijnh marijnh Ensure line widgets have a higher z-index than the selection
Closes #855
@marijnh marijnh Make .CodeMirror-selected style less specific
To make it easier for themes to override it.

Fixes ambiance
Commits on Oct 02, 2012
@bfrohs bfrohs [markdown] Fix performance issue with regex matching of single closin…
…g chars (closes #862).

Also avoid a global variable that snuck through.
@rzhw rzhw Make runmode escaping global c6ddda1
Commits on Oct 03, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Fix regression where a line's bidi order isn't updated on change b969550
@bfrohs bfrohs [markdown] Fix bug with false positive matches of inline links.
- Inline links (square brackets followed by parentheses) cannot be separated by space (per Documentation and Dingus).

- Added test that checks both for this and correct highlighting of square brackets by themselves.
@bfrohs bfrohs [Markdown] [GFM] Rewrite GFM to inherit changes from Markdown mode be…

- Add options to Markdown mode to make it easier to extend
- Add GFM text overlay
  - SHA, User@SHA, and User/Project@SHA
  - #Num, User/#Num, and User/Project#Num
  - Vanilla URLs
- Add GFM-specific tests
- Fix overlay code so blankLine() is called
- Fix GFM for v3
@marijnh marijnh Fix "update" event being fired when "viewportChange" is meant 5d193fe
@marijnh marijnh Introduce the viewportMargin option b4c9083
@marijnh marijnh Add test.html to .gitignore
I tend to have some variety of it sitting in the root dir.
@marijnh marijnh Fix regression due to being removed.
Closes #868
@bfrohs bfrohs Add note about mode dependency and links to highlighting tests. 49d9652
Commits on Oct 04, 2012
@marijnh marijnh [simplehint util] Support completeSingle option
To turn off the behavior where it'll always complete when only
a single option is left.
@boomyjee boomyjee showWidgets parameter for foldLines function
There are cases when widget could be a different repsentation of code, so while folding the code 
one may want to show widgets for hidden lines.

I added showWidgets parameter to foldLines, if set it allows widgets for hidden lines to be shown.
Here is a simple showcase where this functionality is needed:
@marijnh marijnh Change foldLines to take an options object d0ae5f6
@marijnh marijnh Missing semicolon 7ff8eff
@marijnh marijnh [keymap/vim] Stop using .forEach on arrays 2b8b5ed
@marijnh marijnh Fail a test in IE7
And ensure we don't set cursor height to something negative.

Closes #864
@marijnh marijnh Set pre elements to overflow: visible
Some sites set them to auto, which messes up our cursor (and probably more)
Commits on Oct 15, 2012
@marijnh marijnh [util/simple-hint] Align completion dropdown with completed word
Add alignWithWord option to be able to turn that off.
@marijnh marijnh Work around IE7 bogus clientWidth 8531034
@marijnh marijnh Reorder operation in measureLine to save one relayout eae22b7
@marijnh marijnh Fix drag/drop on IE9
Closes #857
@marijnh marijnh Fix reload-while-focused corruption problem in IE9 cb7df4c
@marijnh marijnh Factor out DOM building for line into separate function a925cd2
@marijnh marijnh Allow line widgets to be displayed above the line's text
Closes #875
@bfrohs bfrohs [css] Fix class matching.
This basically matches the CSS3 spec (except it doesn't match non-ascii characters).
@marijnh marijnh Place cursor elements after lines in DOM
So that, even though they share a z-index, they overlay the text and
marked spans.

Closes #883
@marijnh marijnh Don't mutated makedSpans arrays
And add marker changes to the undo history, so that
un/redoing doesn't cause 'ghost' markers to appear.

Closes #882
@marijnh marijnh Try to catch scroll wheel events on an element that's not the main sc…

By growing the vertical scrollbar to cover the whole editor when a wheel scroll
is taking place.

(This to avoid manually handling wheel events, for which there doesn't appear
to be any way that feels native across browsers.)

Closes #810
@marijnh marijnh Slight scrolling optimization
Issue #881
@ks-ifware ks-ifware Fixed multi-line Lua comment recognition
Multi-line Lua comments start with "--[[", not "--["
@bfrohs bfrohs Fix typo in manual. 705b0a7
@marijnh marijnh Fix typo (lenght) 60192bb
Commits on Oct 16, 2012
@marijnh marijnh More robust vertical movement
Detect when new position falls outside of a line, and retry. Also
replaces the kludgy widget compensation code.

Closes #886
@marijnh marijnh Stop using methods on lines
Simply use top-level functions + a plain object.
@marijnh marijnh Stop using methods on history object f902ad1
@marijnh marijnh Move some properties from doc to view
The reason for putting them in doc turned out to be misguided
@marijnh marijnh Add a flattenSpans option 08f550b
@shaund shaund fix fullscreen demo to use wrapper, not scroll e5588dc
@ComFreek ComFreek Merged JavaScript and TypeScript mode as marijnh suggested c3d9c99
@marijnh marijnh Make typescript mode recognize type declarations cb14cb6
@marijnh marijnh Fix refactoring mistake 1f54e83
@marijnh marijnh Don't use innerHTML = "" on content in IE<10
It messes up parent relationships in inner nodes, and we'll re-use
the marker and widget nodes later.

Closes #890
@marijnh marijnh Widen scrollbar area on OS X Mountain Lion
Issue #811
@marijnh marijnh Yet another attempt at feature-detecting wheel delta values
Removes the kludge with the vertical scrollbar trying to handle
all wheel events.

Issue #810
@marijnh marijnh Fix removing of spans f437242
@marijnh marijnh Remove copyright header
(git is the authoritative source of who wrote what)
@marijnh marijnh Add defineInitHook functionality 8ed1303
Commits on Oct 17, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Cache DOM dimensions when building up content
To save round-trips on layout.

Speeds up rendering by 33% on Chrome.

Issue #892
@marijnh marijnh Cache token style-to-class mangling b192c4b
@marijnh marijnh Don't hide/show the line area during redraw when the change is minor
Because laying out the whole thing again is more work than what is
saved by manipulating it in hidden state.

Issue #892
@marijnh marijnh On highlighting, only re-render lines that were actually changed
Issue #892
Commits on Oct 18, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Different approach to ensuring marker.clear works well with undo
The previous approach was completely misguided.

Issue #894
@marijnh marijnh Move line.className check to buildLineContent
This way, it is also used when measuring the line.
@marijnh marijnh Reduce default viewportMargin
Issue #881
@marijnh marijnh Add test for vertical movement across gaps and widgets d3e3d07
@marijnh marijnh Add internal document tree visualization demo
As shown at GOTO Aarhus this month
Commits on Oct 19, 2012
@marijnh marijnh [javascript mode] Handle semicolon-less code better
Closes #898
@marijnh marijnh [javascript mode] Also count on semicolon omittance in var lists
Issue #898
@marijnh marijnh Add expanded list of real-world uses as a separate page
So that I don't have to say 'no' so often
Commits on Oct 22, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Add more real-world uses 7c7e3aa
@marijnh marijnh Mark release 3.0beta2 0365519