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base fork: codemirror/CodeMirror
base: v3.0rc1
head fork: codemirror/CodeMirror
compare: v3.0rc2
Commits on Nov 21, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Don't don't re-focus a focused textarea
It causes side effects on iOS

On old IEs, don't do this check, since it sometimes raises weird
exceptions, and re-focusing is harmless there.
@marijnh marijnh Revert horizontal align compensation in onScrollWheel again
Issue #986
@marijnh marijnh Fix scroll resetting in refresh() method
Closes #987
@marijnh marijnh Rewrite formatting.js to use available mode tokenizer
Remove a bunch of regexp kludges that never really worked.

Will need to be tested more rigorously (I only tried the existing demo).
Commits on Nov 22, 2012
@marijnh marijnh [util/closetag] Verify that inner state is actually an XML state a43266f
@marijnh marijnh Allow passing "anchor" to getCursor to get the selection anchor f87c68e
@marijnh marijnh Remove autoClearEmptyLines
That was a bad idea.
@marijnh marijnh Add showCursorWhenSelecting option 638ac86
@marijnh marijnh Suppress unused variable lint errors 18a5f96
@marijnh marijnh Stop readInput from directly manipulating sel.from/ f556d7e
@marijnh marijnh Make sure horizontal scroll events coming from the scroller are inter…
…preted precisely

Even when they move by only one pixel. This prevents the gutter from
coming to rest in a one-pixel-off position.
@marijnh marijnh Add extendSelection and setExtending, clean up selection model
The 'inverted' hack which hailed from the ancient times when selection
was handled by the hidden textarea, has been replaced with a saner explicit
anchor and head. setSelection now directly sets the anchor and head, rather
than always creating a forward selection.
Commits on Nov 26, 2012
@ivanov ivanov [vim] Ctrl-[ leaves insert mode, same as <Esc>
As a die-hard vim addict, long ago, I retrained myself to type Ctrl-[ to
leave insert mode. This sends the same control sequence as escape in
many other places, actually, and this patch brings this functionality to

From vim's :help ctrl-[

                                        *i_CTRL-[* *i_<Esc>*
<Esc> or CTRL-[
    End insert or Replace mode, go back to Normal mode.
    Finish abbreviation.
    Note: If your <Esc> key is hard to hit on your keyboard, train
    yourself to use CTRL-[.

Typing CTRL-[ is particularly easy when caps-lock is remapped
to being another CTRL key, since now neither hand needs to move away
form the homerow, and both little fingers just slide a little, the left
little finger slides to the right to where caps lock used to be, and the
right little finger slides a little bit up to the '[' key
Timothy Hatcher Replace tab in searchcursor.js with spaces. 994fb8c
@marijnh marijnh [clike mode] Recognize multi-line preprocessor directives 77a5e68
@marijnh marijnh Help IE cache layout information in measureLineInner
Issue #990
@marijnh marijnh Prevent gutter flickering on horizontal scroll in IE
Apparently, IE does a redraw as soon as you assign to scrollTop/scrollLeft.

Closes #992
@marijnh marijnh Make run-time changes to lineWrapping work properly again
Closes #1002
Commits on Nov 27, 2012
Timothy Hatcher Make htmlmixed properly check for "tag" style
This allows the xml mode to return a style with space separated classes
and still work. I didn't use /\btag\b/ since that can match "tag-foo".
Timothy Hatcher Move the previous mode property before adding mode extensions
This stores the previous value for a mode property if an extension
overwrites it with a new value. The old value is stored in a property
prefixed with an underscore (e.g. "_token"). This allows extensions to
piggyback the old value by still being able to access it.
@marijnh marijnh [twilight theme] font-underline -> text-decoration 859a4e8
@marijnh marijnh Fix browser detection for gecko 60eef02
@marijnh marijnh Handle horizontal scroll directly, if ratio known, on browsers where …

Issue #986
@marijnh marijnh Make sure OS X webkit momentum scrolling hack is always applied
Issue #986
Commits on Nov 28, 2012
@aeosynth aeosynth [vim keymap] Make ctrl-c leave insert mode 2d74960
@MasonM MasonM Add mode for HTTP messages (i.e. requests and responses) that follow …
…RFC 2616
@marijnh marijnh Add 'negative' and 'positive' token styles 4f7df9b
@marijnh marijnh Integrate HTTP mode 16ffe00
@marijnh marijnh [xml mode] Add a property identifying html vs xml configuration to mo…
…de object
@marijnh marijnh Fix failing tests 1d06c05
Commits on Nov 29, 2012
@marijnh marijnh Mark depencendy of PHP mode on HTMLMixed ccbcf73
@marijnh marijnh [php mode] Add list of builtins 16f61da
@pydichandra pydichandra fix extra indentation in array initialization
array initialization (one entry per line) results in extra indentation from second element onwards:
const string[] fields = {
@marijnh marijnh Factor view constructor into a function 5dcaaf1
@marijnh marijnh Add addKeyMap and removeKeyMap methods
Useful for add-ons that need to register keys.
@marijnh marijnh Half a closetag cleanup 1140306
@marijnh marijnh [util/closetag] Rewrite using defineOption
Closes #995
@marijnh marijnh Add missing semicolons 7214c38
@mightyguava mightyguava [vim keymap] Full rewrite
See discussion in #984
@marijnh marijnh Mark version 3.0rc2 933b72a