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<title>CodeMirror: Vim bindings demo</title>
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<h2>Vim bindings demo</h2>
<p><strong style="color: #c33; text-decoration: none">Note:</strong> The CodeMirror vim bindings do not have an
active maintainer. That means that if you report bugs in it, they are
likely to go unanswered. It also means that if you want to help, you
are very welcome to look
at <a href="">the
open issues</a> and see which ones you can solve.</p>
<form><textarea id="code" name="code">
#include "syscalls.h"
/* getchar: simple buffered version */
int getchar(void)
static char buf[BUFSIZ];
static char *bufp = buf;
static int n = 0;
if (n == 0) { /* buffer is empty */
n = read(0, buf, sizeof buf);
bufp = buf;
return (--n >= 0) ? (unsigned char) *bufp++ : EOF;
<div style="font-size: 13px; width: 300px; height: 30px;">Key buffer: <span id="command-display"></span></div>
<p>The vim keybindings are enabled by including <code><a
href="../keymap/vim.js">keymap/vim.js</a></code> and setting the
<code>keyMap</code> option to <code>vim</code>.</p>
<li>All common motions and operators, including text objects</li>
<li>Operator motion orthogonality</li>
<li>Visual mode - characterwise, linewise, blockwise</li>
<li>Full macro support (q, @)</li>
<li>Incremental highlighted search (/, ?, #, *, g#, g*)</li>
<li>Search/replace with confirm (:substitute, :%s)</li>
<li>Search history</li>
<li>Jump lists (Ctrl-o, Ctrl-i)</li>
<li>Key/command mapping with API (:map, :nmap, :vmap)</li>
<li>Sort (:sort)</li>
<li>Marks (`, ')</li>
<li>Insert mode behaves identical to base CodeMirror</li>
<li>Cross-buffer yank/paste</li>
<p>For the full list of key mappings and Ex commands, refer to the
<code>defaultKeymap</code> and <code>defaultExCommandMap</code> at the
top of <code><a href="../keymap/vim.js">keymap/vim.js</a></code>.
<p>Note that while the vim mode tries to emulate the most useful
features of vim as faithfully as possible, it does not strive to
become a complete vim implementation</p>
<script> = function(){ alert("Saving"); };
var editor = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(document.getElementById("code"), {
lineNumbers: true,
mode: "text/x-csrc",
keyMap: "vim",
matchBrackets: true,
showCursorWhenSelecting: true,
inputStyle: "contenteditable"
var commandDisplay = document.getElementById('command-display');
var keys = '';
CodeMirror.on(editor, 'vim-keypress', function(key) {
keys = keys + key;
commandDisplay.innerHTML = keys;
CodeMirror.on(editor, 'vim-command-done', function(e) {
keys = '';
commandDisplay.innerHTML = keys;