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PHP integration for CodeMirror


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This package implements PHP language support for the CodeMirror code editor.

The project page has more information, a number of examples and the documentation.

This code is released under an MIT license.

We aim to be an inclusive, welcoming community. To make that explicit, we have a code of conduct that applies to communication around the project.

API Reference

php(config⁠?: Object = {}) → LanguageSupport

PHP language support.

baseLanguage⁠?: Language

By default, the parser will treat content outside of <? and ?> markers as HTML. You can pass a different language here to change that. Explicitly passing disables parsing of such content.

plain⁠?: boolean

By default, PHP parsing only starts at the first <? marker. When you set this to true, it starts immediately at the start of the document.

phpLanguage: LRLanguage

A language provider based on the Lezer PHP parser, extended with highlighting and indentation information.