Github's post-receive hook for jabber notification written for Google App Engine
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XMPP (Gtalk/Jabber) Bot for Github's post-receive hooks

Google App Engine autonomous application that handle Github's post-receive hooks JSON data and notify people who suscribed to the bot over XMPP (Gtalk/Jabber) 

Written in Python atm but can be rewritten in Java in few minutes (Thanks Google App Engine framework !)

Build & Install:

0) Set up a Google App Engine account and create an empty application.
1) Download Google App engine SDK, and the bot sourcecode.
2) Go to the root folder of the bot (not src/)

cd bot/

3) Upload the application code on GAE by doing:

/path/to/gae/sdk/ src/

(will ask your google app engine username / password first time)


Upon the bot is uploaded to GAE, it respond to the address

0) Add the bot url to github's repos you want to monitor (in repository=>admin=>web hooks=>http post-receive)

Url of the post-receive handler is

1) Add the bot to your contactlist (
2) Say him "!unmute" to receive notifications about repository pushs
3) Say him "!mute" to not receive further notification about repository pushs